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Screen Mirroring Samsung to Sony TV

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Learn to Screen Mirror your Samsung smartphone to any TV with a few simple steps!

Turn your normal TV into a Smart-TV with just a simple MiraScreen Dongle!

Screen Mirroring on TV

1. Samsung Phone

Compared to other phones, Samsung has the simplest screen mirroring process out there. You don’t need to download anything to make this work, as Samsung has Screen Mirroring built-in their Android skin on top of Stock Android for Samsung smartphones as well as Samsung TVs’.

2. Screen Mirroring on TV

Before we head into the Settings make sure your TV has Screen Mirroring built-in (Does your have Screen Mirroring)? Or you could be using Chrome-Cast in that case head over to Screen Mirroring Articles for more info.

Heading to Screen Mirroring on your TV

Now then once you’ve checked your TV supports Screen Mirroring.

Either click on “Source” button on your remote control to select the Screen Mirroring Mode or you can head over to wireless/device settings on your TV and then select the Screen Mirroring (as shown below)

Screen Mirroring on your Phone

To access the Screen Mirroring on your smartphone. Swipe down the control panel on your phone and select Screen Mirroring (as shown below)

Once selected, it’ll automatically look for TVs’ nearby.

Screen Mirroring in Settings

In-case you can’t find the screen mirroring in the Control Panel. Try heading to Settings and either search for “Screen Mirroring” or you can also navigate to the Wireless Device Settings. From there you’ll be able to access Hotspot setting as well as Screen Mirroring Settings. So just click on it and it’ll automatically look for TVs’ nearby.


Screen Mirroring using your Samsung smartphone just got easier now, witch built-in features like Screen Mirroring in Samsung smart-phones you can now mirror with ease!

Video Tutorial:

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