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How to Mirror iPhone Screen to Roku Express

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Screen Mirroring the new iPhone 12 or any iPhone to your Roku Express Device is completely free and easy. No need for any 3rd party apps, everything’s just built-in. Easy Peasy!

How to Mirror iPhone Screen to Roku Express.

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Roku Express:

Roku Express has AirPlay Built-in just like Apple TVs’. Everything in Roku Express is we’re doing is completely free and systematically of course. Just a few clicks and Bamm! You’re mirroring your iPhone to your TV with Roku Express Device!

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Roku Express wifi settings:

Roku Express settings across all Roku devices are the same!

Step 1: Go to the TV Settings

Go to your TV Settings as I have. (Step by Step guide below)

Step 2: Head to the Internet & Network Settings

Go to your Network Settings as shown in the Step by Step guide below.

Step 3: Connect your TV to your Wi-Fi or any other connection

Inside the Network Settings, connect your Roku Express to your Wifi or Mobile Hotspot.

Step 4: Connect your iPhone & Roku Express to the Same Wi-Fi Connection

Make sure your iPhone and your Roku Express are connected to the same connection.
As shown in the Step by Step guide below.

Step 5: Open AirPlay Settings on Roku Express

Once your Roku Express is connected to WiFi, go back to settings and Open the AirPlay Settings!

(As Shown Below)

Step 6: Inside AirPlay Settings

Inside the AirPlay Settings, It should look exactly the same if you’re doing it for the first time. If you’re not doing it for the first time, it’s gonna be a Lil different but works the same.

Step 7: On your iPhone

On your iPhone (any) go to your Control Center and Look for the Screen Mirroring option.

If: You’re on iOS 15 it should look exactly the same as shown below.
If: You’re not on iOS 15, you’ll find the Screen Mirroring Option a Lil bigger.

Step 8: Select your Roku Express

Once you select the option, it’ll prompt you to enter the code that your Roku Express TV displays.

Step 9: Enter the Displayed Code into your iPhone

Enter the 4-Digit code that your TV shows into your iPhone.

Step 10: It’s DONE!

Once you enter the code, it’ll automatically screen mirror your iPhone to your Roku Express. Fast and Quick!


Mirroring iPhone Screen to your Roku Express, completely free and easy with just a few steps. Roku Express supports AirPlay so no third-party apps are needed to Mirror iPhone Screen to your Roku Express TV.

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